WP1: The VILMA survey

In the first half of the project VILMA an extensive research was carried out as groundwork for the development of a comprehensive and transferable validation approach for mobility learning.
It was based on a desk research about existing validation systems and mobility learning actions in Europe with a focus on the 7 participating member states (AT, BE, DE, FR, ES, IT, LT, MT).
An extensive online questionnaire campaign was carried out among 3.000 experts from the European educational sector to find out which competences are mostly acquired in mobility actions and which competences are regarded as being the most important.
Mobility learning is certainly one of the most powerful modality to acquire competences that are needed in a uniting Europe. Apart from the rather formalised competences related to qualifications (subject oriented competences) the cross cutting, personal and social but also
organisational competences are being considered most relevant.
As clearly shown in the desk research, there is a white spot on the validation and certification landscape when it comes to these competences.
Please download the comprehensive report below. Executive summaries are available in all project partner languages in the download section.

Results of the VILMA survey