The VILMA Mobility Learning Suite

The VILMA Mobility Learning Suite is a modular instrument that is given to interested European mobility providers order to:

  • make the internal learning processes visible,
  • provide the learners with proofs of their competence developments,
  • set up a respective validation approach,
  • improve their internal collaboration processes and
  • to integrate the validation in a holistic learning system.

The VILMA Mobility Learning Suite is a compilation of all the materials and approaches that were developed, introduced and applied in the VILMA project:

Due to its flexible format the following materials can be inserted

  1. The VILMA Binder with four chapters,
  2. the VILMA flyer,
  3. the good practice examples (case studies) with experience reports for the scientific and project development community,
  4. the Quality Criteria Catalogue and the informal learning patterns relevant for European mobility projects,
  5. training material compilation and
  6. the CD with all audiovisual materials, off-line forms and the VILMA video.