Target Group

The VILMA project aims to reach a number of target groups, namely all stakeholders dealing with mobility actions

  • Adult learners and trainers of different contexts within the numerous mobilitiy actions, e.g. service trainings, volunteering projects and different kinds of national and bilateral exchanges.

As the evaluation method is specifically suitable for “non-mainstreaming” groups like unemployed young adults, disabled persons and senior citizens, the project explicitly addresses those non-mainstreaming or even “disadvantaged” target groups that should profit most from the concept of “informal learning”.

  • Managers, partners and other organisational staff of European mobility actions and projects.
  • Evaluators and validation practitioners such as counsellors, assessors, process managers and other external observers.

To interconnect the VILMA-approach in national and European educational administration VILMA partners will actively invite stakeholders from the political level (National Ministries, e.g. employment ministries responsible for the transnational exchange actions in the framework of national ESF programmes) to make use of the approach.