The project VILMA will transfer and adapt a well proven approach (LEVEL5) to assess and evidence competence development through non-formal and informal learning in European mobility actions.

A feasible and transferable evaluation and validation system will be provided for various mobility actions on national and bilateral levels (e.g.  ESF actions), European level (young adults/senior citizens) or for adult learners (e.g. in Grundtvig exchange actions in learning partnerships).

With focus on the assessment of the acquisition of transversal key competences VILMA will develop and provide an appropriate approach and instruments, that facilitate an interconnection with the EUROPASS mobility system.
VILMA will also contribute to an approach for setting up feasible standards for validation, that on one hand help individuals to evidence their competences in a European labour market, but also take into account the specific needs of learners in the volunteering sector.

The individual evidence of learning progress increases motivation to participate in mobility actions and to reflect on the learning outcomes. Beyond that VILMA is also aiming at evidencing impact and quality of the learning activity itself (mobility action).
Finally VILMA contributes to better acceptance of mobility actions for potential learners thus to a clearer image of the mobility actions in the framework of the LLP.

To back-up the VILMA approach it will be piloted in different mobility projects and actions representing a large scope of different groups of learners.